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About Us

Tucano Coffee is not just a coffee shop. This is a mix of native Indians culture from Latin America and California specialty coffee.

In 2011, we opened our first coffee shop in Moldova. In just 3 years, in March 2014 we have opened the first one in Romania and only after a month, we already were in the United Arab Emirates.

Now Tucano Coffee is a dynamic international network comprised of 30 coffee shops located in 9 countries of the world.


Here we are, a little bit crazy, beautiful and
an amazing team. We are ready to conquer the world
with a brand new concept of coffee shop: the
creative coffee spaces. We want to spread the
culture of specialty coffee all over the world and
try to inspire our guests and partners.


Our motto is inspired by the era of the birth of rock’n’roll
and hippie subculture which standed out for its
philosophy and people craving to return to purity
of nature through love, pacifism and freethinking.

Our Mission

We stand for creating a new type of coffee shops – the creative coffee spaces.
For us they mean more than places where specialty coffee is served. Our creative coffee spaces inspire and transform our Team, Guests and Partners. They become more open, connected and creative; they become simpler and greener.

Our Vision

To open, by the end of 2020, 300 creative coffee spaces with the best atmosphere in the world!

Having the best atmosphere means for us an index of at least 9.5 out of 10, measured by our guests via www.tucanorate.com

Why Tucano?
Unique Atmosphere

The atmosphere of our coffee shops rocks, because we truly believe that the design, the lights, events, all the emotions, flavors and, of course, people are the key elements of what we call the best atmosphere in the world.

Specialty Coffee

We use only freshly roasted Specialty Coffee.
That is why, we buy coffee beans from the best
regions of the world, but depending on the
quality of the beans, the microregion may vary
time to time: Brasil (Fazenda Irmas Rereira, Carmo
de minas), Costa Rica (Chirripo, Buena Vista de
Rivas, Cafe Rivense Del), Kenya Kanguna, Embu),
Sumatra (Indonesia).


We make marvelous cheesecakes from natural ingredients, without synthetic additives or flavor enhancers. We have more than thirty specially designed recipes.


Being Open involves: Honesty, Trust and Transparency, even when it comes to mistakes or issues of the Team, Guests or Partners – because we know that’s the right thing to do. We are confident that by sharing our business figures with everyone is a clear proof of our transparency, but also a brave decision. It’s a way of showing our loyalty to our Partners and Guests and gain their trust.

Quality Control

You get better if you know what your weak points are. To grow a cool feedback database we’ve created tucanorate.com. The idea is simple: our guests help us improve and we offer them a 10% discount to their next order.

We are sure that quality is a driving force for us, therefore we have decided to always keep up to our high standards. That is why we have set the wheel in motion by creating our mystery guest programme, on tucanocontrol.com.

Our Expectations
Our perfect Partner

It is very important to us to attract Partners that
are synergic with our core values. This actually
means that we love beautiful people, that have
good intentions and are always open for new
adventures, new places and new lifestyles.


Dreaming big is awesome, let’s talk a bit about the main figures in our business.

Meet our Operating Conditions:

  • Royalty: 3.5 – 4.5% of revenue.
  • Marketing budget 1% of revenue.
  • Franchise fee 12 500 EUR
  • Investments into a standard Tucano Coffee business unit make up from 96 000 EUR
  • Average coffee shop surface – 120 sq.m.
What will you get in return
New lifestyle

We dare you to experience a new lifestyle,
driven by our main vision: Love.Peace.Coffee.
You’ll meet and make happy a lot of amazing people,
which will be always returning to you for your excellent
coffee, but also, for the great atmosphere. You’ll build a
united and strong team. Together, you’ll share wow,
green, simple and open moments.

Monthly average Profit

The monthly net profit from one coffee-shop, after all payments, including taxes, makes up 3 500 – 10 000 USD. Return on investment (ROI) 2-2.5 years.

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Our purpose is to be there for you, offering all our support beginning from searching for the best place for your coffee shops, and ending with useful trainings during development process. Besides, don’t forget about our knowledge base that we’ll give you. It is truly priceless.

assistance in choosing right premises

assistance in choosing right premises

personnel training in our training center & online trainings with regular attestation

a Startup module, that will provide solutions and will put in motion all the processes, so everything could work as a perfect mechanism

a logistics center that will be always there for you and will offer you the best prices for consumables, furniture, cutlery, etc

a local support of our team, one week prior the opening, during the opening and up to a week after the opening

a global marketing plan

marketing & design guidelines and manuals

weekly process control in order to improve quality – a secret guest (mystery shopping), expert reviews, online guest surveys.

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